Meet Your FemStrong Team

Dr. Adam Tonis

Founder & CEO

Adam M Tonis’s past success in the medical industry has earned him a reputation as a highly effective leader and team builder. His unique ability to identify underserved and poorly delivered healthcare systems while providing quality, diverse, and effective care has attracted numerous patients who have benefited from these healthcare systems. As a leader, Adam did not provide direct care, but instead cultivated a team of experts to deliver exceptional care to the patients of the practices. He established a culture of accountability, transparency, and excellence, which has attracted top talent to these teams. His commitment to quality patient care ensured that each team member was empowered to contribute to the success of the venture and deliver exceptional care to patients.

Victor I. Rosenberg, MD, FACS

Plastic, Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Endovenous Surgery

Victor I. Rosenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S., has been a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1969, after having completed four years of training in general surgery followed by three more years of training in plastic surgery. All seven years were spent in Mount Sinai, Beth Israel and Albert Einstein, all New York City hospitals. During the Vietnam War, he was a Commander in the United States Navy, serving as Chief of plastic surgery at the St. Albans Naval Hospital. Dr. Rosenberg is the inventor of instruments used in Plastic Surgery and other surgical specialties. He has authored papers which were published in medical journals.

Dr. Rosenberg, whose specialty is Cosmetic and Complex Reconstructive Surgery of the entire body, has been in private practice since 1970. For twenty years he was the director of Plastic Surgery at NYU Downtown Hospital. He has enjoyed a long time affiliation with Beth Israel Medical Center and The Mount Sinai Medical Center and for many years has been on the staff of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He has also trained in general and endovenous surgery. In 1998, he received the honor of Alumnus of The Year at NYU Downtown Hospital. In 2007 he received the Distinguished Physician Award.We are privileged to have his experience, knowledge and expertise.

Meet Cluny Lefevre, MD

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Cluny Lefevre, a board-certified family practice physician, plays a key role in our internal medicine department at FemStrong Health in Midtown East, New York City. With extensive experience in women’s health and hormonal health, Dr. Lefevre is dedicated to providing personalized and quality care to all her patients.

After graduating from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Lefevre completed her residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in the Bronx. Since then, she has been an active figure in the New York City healthcare community. With this strong academic background, she has been instrumental in raising the bar for quality healthcare in New York City.

Dr. Lefevre thrives in the fast-paced environment of New York City. She’s passionate about patient education, aiming to provide knowledge that extends beyond immediate health concerns. Her goal is to help patients understand comprehensive, preventive healthcare to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sascha Griffing, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sascha Griffing is an experienced clinical psychologist, with a specialization in women’s holistic wellness. Her practice, coupled with her active participation in research, policy, and advocacy initiatives, reflects her deep commitment to enhancing mental health outcomes for women. An integral part of her work involves crafting wellness interventions that utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness strategies, and other methods to foster better stress management and emotional regulation.

Throughout her career, Dr. Griffing has served in a diverse range of clinical settings and has assisted many women who have encountered interpersonal violence or other traumatic events. The depth and breadth of these experiences have significantly influenced her understanding of resilience, informing both her therapeutic approach and academic contributions.

Samantha Podob, MS, RDN, CDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Samantha Podob MS, RDN, CDN, is a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist who is wholeheartedly devoted to empowering women in their journey towards optimal health. With a unique blend of experience, empathy, and scientific knowledge, Samantha seamlessly merges her dietetics expertise with patient-centered care, tailored to each woman’s individual needs and circumstances.

Graduating with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from City University of New York, Lehman College, Samantha holds a wealth of knowledge about various aspects of health and nutrition that she brings to our nutrition department. In the past eight years, she has developed a special interest in kidney nutrition, delivering personalized, evidence-based nutritional advice to countless patients, guiding them towards better kidney health.


Christopher C. Hollingsworth, MD

General Surgery & Pelvic Pain Specialist

Christopher C. Hollingsworth, MD is a board certified General Surgeon with a rich background of experience from extensive training in the United States and Europe.

After completing undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, he studied medicine and surgery at The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland.

Following graduation from medical school, he worked at James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Dublin, training in surgical oncology, breast surgery and endoscopy. He then accepted a position as surgical resident at the University of Nevada School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery. His training at UNLV Medical Center provided extensive experience in general surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, trauma and critical care.

Glenys Hernandez, PA-C, MPAS

Chief Vascular Physicians Assistant

Glenys Hernandez PA-C, MPAS is a NCCPA Board certified medical provider. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Bioscience Research from Farmingdale State College at the State University of New York where she graduated with honors and was an integral member of OSI Pharmaceutical’s translational research where she tested the inhibitory effect of cancer therapy drugs. She furthered her education by completing a dual major in Health Sciences and Physician Assistant Studies at Touro College, where she graduated with a Bachelors in Health Science and a Master in Physician Assistant Studies.

Glenys has worked in the hospital and medical clinic industry for over 8 years. Her experience includes Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General and Endovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery ICU and Emergency Medicine. Glenys’ training and experience as a Vein and Esthetic Specialist make her adept at diagnosing and treating patients with a wide range of venous disorders including varicose veins, telangiectasia, venous stasis, and venous ulcers.

Her friendly demeanor, dedication to patient care, bedside manner, quest to help the less fortunate, and devotion to medicine are among her greatest qualities.

Emily O’Boyle, CNP

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Emily O’Boyle is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with a special knack for women’s healthcare. Backed by 5 fruitful years in high-risk labor and delivery, her passion for patient care shines through her daily interactions, bringing a touch of warmth to the medical world.

Emily’s true strength lies in her brilliant verbal communication skills, consistently making patients feel valued and comfortable. Her approachability and empathy not only foster a sense of trust with her patients but also contribute to a friendly and inviting healthcare environment.

Through her broad experience, Emily has perfected the ability to provide multifaceted care across various stages, from triage to post-partum. Whether she’s mentoring new hires and student nurses or ensuring seamless operations in a fast-paced healthcare setting, her commitment to the highest quality care never falters.

Nicole Kritikos

Vice President of Operations

Nicole leads our operations team. With over a decade of experience in healthcare administration she is an integral member of our team. Outside of work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her two young children and husband.

Danielle Rizzo

Office Manager

Danielle is a dynamic healthcare leader with a passion for making a difference. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in School Counseling from St. John’s University, her journey into healthcare was fueled by a thirst for leadership and helping others. For over 10 years, Danielle has managed all aspects, from team leadership and HR to inventory management all while streamlining policies for maximum patient satisfaction. Beyond her healthcare passion, Danielle cherish’s quality time with her family and maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts.

Adriana Vaglica

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS)

Adriana is a seasoned ultrasound technologist specializing in women’s health. Her journey into the world of ultrasound began at Sanford Brown Institute, where she completed the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program. With a strong foundation in sonography and over 10 years of experience, she’s your go-to expert for precise diagnostic imaging. Vascular scans are Adriana’s forte but she has dedicated her career to women’s health excelling in pelvic vasculature, May Thurner Syndrome, fibroids, and more.

Nicole Ciuffo

Front Desk Receptionist

Nicole is an integral member of our administration team. Her unwavering passion and compassionate nature drive her to empathetically comprehend the unique needs of our patients at FemStrong.

Lea Mimini

Lead Receptionist

Lea is our lead receptionist with over 8 years’ experience. She is driven, compassionate, caring, and endearing with her co-workers and patients. In her current position, she conducts all office tasks while ensuring the comfort of our patients every step of the way, from the initial phone call, to the surgery day, and beyond. She understands how meaningful it is to provide our patients with support, guidance, and comfort in addition to explaining procedures and answering questions during such an important journey. In her spare time, Lea enjoys spending time with her family and baking!

Christa Disimino

Registered Ultrasound Technician

Christa Disimino is a highly skilled Registered Ultrasound Technician with 8 years experience specializing in vascular ultrasound. Christa consistently delivers high-quality images that are crucial for patient diagnosis and treatment.

She is a team player, working closely with the physicians and medical team to address patient needs and provide the best possible care. Christa effectively communicates with and prepares patients, ensuring their comfort throughout the examination. Through her dedication and expertise in ultrasound, Christa Disimino strives to make a positive impact on patient outcomes and uphold the highest standards of healthcare excellence.

Mariela Micheli

Registered Central Surgical Technologist

Mariela brings a deep understanding of surgical instrumentation to the practice, as a Certified Registered Central Surgical Technologist. Certified by a national accreditation with over 15 years of hands-on experience. She is in the operating room and other clinical areas ensuring all supplies, equipment and instruments are immaculate. Mariela enjoys learning new skills and loves helping others.


Tatiana Montesino

Pre-Admissions Manager

Tatiana Montesino has been a member of the team since 2015. She is the Pre Admissions Manager and takes charge of monitoring and overseeing all aspects of health care insurances and the prior authorization process. Her tasks include collecting necessary documentation and completing required prior authorizations for our patients. Other duties include verifying insurance eligibility, coordinating and supplying information to the front desk team, and determining out of network coverage. Tatiana’s extensive skills and abilities include: proficiency with medical terminologies, knowledge of online and over the phone insurance eligibility systems, excellent communication skills and reviewing clinical. Also, making sure clinical and all notes follow and meet insurance requirements and policies.

Isabell Rojas

Front Desk Receptionist

Isabel is part of our administration team with over 3 years experience as our Front Desk Receptionist. Isabel is passionate and caring and strives to understand the patients needs here at FemStrong Health. Isabel makes it a priority to make sure each patient feels seen, heard and comfortable throughout their entire medical journey with us.

Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC

Director of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Dr. Olson earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Pacific University, and a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Regis University, graduating as a member of the Jesuit National Honor Society. She is holds a Certification of Achievement in pelvic floor physical therapy (CAPP-PF) from the American Physical Therapy Association, and the Pelvic Floor Practitioner Certification (PRPC) through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute. She is also a certified Stott Pilates instructor and RRCA certified running coach.