Meet Dr. Adam Tonis

Dr. Adam Tonis

Founder & CEO

Dr. Adam Tonis, celebrated for his transformative work in healthcare, introduces a groundbreaking initiative in FemStrong Health. Stemming from personal experiences with the women in his life navigating various health challenges, Adam identified a gap in healthcare tailored to women’s unique needs. This revelation served as the genesis for FemStrong Health, a platform poised to redefine the scope and quality of women’s healthcare.

Adam has demonstrated exceptional aptitude for crafting stellar teams focused on patient-centric care. His leadership is rooted in values of accountability, transparency, and unparalleled quality—principles that have consistently attracted top-tier talent to his projects. His track record spans multiple roles over decades, giving him a holistic understanding of healthcare needs and delivery.

His newest journey centers on revolutionizing healthcare for women. With a history of successfully leading medical practices and surgical centers, Adam is well-equipped to confront and solve the complex challenges women often face in healthcare. At its core, FemStrong Health embodies Adam’s commitment to providing compassionate, specialized care for women, addressing not just their medical needs but their overall well-being.

Adam’s vision for FemStrong Health is not merely an extension of existing healthcare practices, but a transformative platform built on empathy, innovation, and the courage to disrupt conventional paradigms. It’s a legacy in motion, aimed at empowering women to live fuller, happier and healthier lives.